When planning your website and wondering how much it will cost, please consider the following. If you wish to enquire about creating a website, answers to these questions in the first instance are very much appreciated!

a) What is the main purpose of the website? Would it be a "brochure" site simply giving static information on your business which you would update rarely, or will you be adding content all the time? If so, what kind of content? Are you selling products by e-commerce? Do you need a blog? A forum? (Note: your Drupal website will be fully content-managed, so it doesn't cost you any more to be able to update it yourself whenever you like - in fact it will probably end up costing you less to do this.)

b) If your site is for e-commerce please supply a couple of examples of typical products and say what payment method you wish to use for the shopping cart (e.g. PayPal, WorldPay, Sagepay etc)

c) Please provide links to any other websites you may have seen that you'd like the site to look and/or function like - this is very important, as if you require something very complex and sophisticated, this can affect the price and delivery time substantially.

d) Is there anything else you *really* want - a completely random example is a newsletter, say. All additional requirements add time and complexity, so it is far better (and cheaper) to establish everything you want at the outset than add it on later as an afterthought.

See also: What sort of features can I have on my website?

e) Do you want the website to be hosted as well as built by us, or do you already have hosting?

f) If possible, please give us an idea of your budget - we can then say whether what you want is doable within that, and if the budget is agreed at the start then we can commit to keeping within that as far as possible and warn you ahead of time if there's a danger of going beyond it.

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