We have been working with Drupal since 2008 and would argue that it is by far the most flexible system currently available for building professional, powerful websites. Although we are familiar with other systems, we would by preference build any new site on Drupal.

Drupal is basically a content management system with a myriad of other tools and features bolted on. Out of the box a dynamic site can be created very rapidly with the ability to add static pages, news articles, blogs, polls, forums, menus, "blocks" (boxes of content in pages) and contact forms. New content types can be added with whatever fields you need. Content can be categorised easily using a powerful inbuilt taxonomy system. Fine-grained user management allows users to be allocated customisable roles and permissions determining what they can and can't do on your site, such as create and edit content, or comment on your pages.

In addition to the core features, thousands of modules are available which can extend the functionality of the site immensely. Examples include the following (this is by no means a comprehensive list but rather an indication of what people often like to have on sites):

  • Image slideshows
  • Image galleries with pop-up overlays to show larger images without taking the user away from the original page they were viewing
  • Customisable "views" to display your content the way you need, to who you want, with search boxes and filters
  • E-commerce
  • Google Analytics integration for superb website statistics reporting
  • EU cookie compliance
  • Responsive theme so the website can be read and used on smartphones and tablets as well as desktops
  • Site map - helpful to both users and search engines
  • Customisable submit forms to get user feedback or input
  • WYSIWYG content interface integrating with a range of rich-text editors
  • Friendly URLs - great for SEO and users alike
  • URL aliasing to enable a page to be accessed by more than one address - useful when you need to put a short version of a URL into a print advert or for measuring effectiveness of campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Email notifications to let you know when a user has done something on your site
  • Advanced permissions allow you to define exactly which users can and can't see specific content and even specific pieces of content on your site
  • Wikification enabling users to contribute content, with trackable editing so you can see who's done what
  • CAPTCHA forms to help prevent spam
  • Voting, favouriting, bookmarking and rating - allowing your users to get involved with your site and giving you indications of what they do and don't like
  • Gamification - give users points when they do something on your site
  • Social media sharing - easily allow visitors to share your content on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere
  • Social media integration - display your latest updates from Twitter or Facebook in your site

What do you want on YOUR website?

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